Motorcycle Found

October 12th, 2007

About 2 weeks ago I noticed my bike, a 1993 Honda Nighthawk, was not where i left it on the street. I was not upset, i don’t really ride it that much anymore (not since January before my RTW trip). So i figured i’d get some insurance money and just move on. I filed a police report on Friday the 28th, about a week after i saw it last.

Surprisingly, 10 days after i told SFPD it was missing, they found it. The police actually found my motorcycle. wow. And it was found only a few blocks away from where i left it in upper haight. Apparently whoever stole it was using it and just parking it in the street like he owned it. Smart. I was surprised and asked the cops lots of questions, and they gave me concise answers.

  • Who found it? Dunno – anonymous call.
  • Will it be investigated further? no.
  • Anything else gonna happen? no, its now removed from stolen vehicle list.
  • So thats it, i can take it now? yes, just show us your Drivers license and sign this.

Yay! I guess… Actually, i rode it across town to do an errand around 5pm and i was very happy to be on my motorcycle. So I am glad i have it back. Once my bike-friend Tony looks it over and makes sure the thief didn’t do any damage, i’ll be good to go.

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