Geek Tips – Ringtones, iPhoto, Google Analytics

October 12th, 2007

Just gonna share some geekiness in this blog – short and sweet.

First, how to make your own custom ringtones (tested with several verizon phones)

  1. Download Audacity (Windows or Mac) and Lame mp3 codec. This lets you cut a 10 second selection sample from your favorite mp3.
  2. Download and install Lame mp3 codec (copy to wherever audacity is).
  3. Drag your favorite mp3/wav file to Audacity and make a selection that will be your ringtone. Best if its between 3 and 20 secs.
  4. File – Export Selection as MP3. First time it will ask you where Lame mp3 codec is, tell it. Then Give ringtone a name, save to disk.
  5. For Verizon – Email it as attachment to <your_10digit_cellphone_number> For example,
  6. Done.

iPhoto – merging multiple iPhoto libraries for free. I couldn’t agree more with this dude.

Google Analytics – been out for about a year, but i just started using it. You basically add some javascript code to the end of every html page you want to track, and google does an amazing job of showing you stats and other useful info. Really. And its great to manage different domains, or setup multiple profiles within a domain. Once again, google is way better than anything else thats ever tried to do this. Sux that i can’t do it on .

Oh, and not a geek thing, but give some love to my friend otto – he needs it and deserves it.