This page is just a glimpse at some things I’m working on.

Find an event/venue in SF using google custom search

Google Earth and Maps – Check out my India Trek,

More stuff here

  1. April 17th, 2012 at 22:19 | #1

    Hey Chad,

    Looks like you have some good ideas. We are in the process of establishing a calendar of events/map that integrates with google maps in order to display events by demographics local to the user. The user would also be able to add their own events, publicly market, and track attendees. We have the database built just need a good GUI. PHP or Java preferably. Just looking for a recommendation or a push in the right direction. I love your mashup project from a while back.

    Are you interested in providing some guidance on this project? We aim for education and support. We have been hacking up a few forums on our site to look into different options for data analytics and member experience. We have a highly experienced team of developers from Fortune 500 companies backing the entire project.

    We would love you to be a part. Thoughts?


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