The Dust Settles

September 19th, 2007

It’s been a week since we moved in, and our place is almost livable. Hurray. Shayna’s fast – she got her art studio (ok, desk and drafting table) set up in a couple days, organized her stuff, and has been decorating our place like we’ve been living here for months. Makes it feel … homey. Meanwhile, i just finished going thru all my boxes today – man, do i have a ton of stuff. And i still have some personal stuff from work and friends over the last 10 years that i need to .. process slowly. We had most furniture we needed, but did buy a bed, a shelf, a few other little things from Ikea last week. But i’m really excited about my recent purchases on monday – a new TV and DVD player. Here’s where i bust out the geek in me – After 10-20 hours of research and shopping online, i got a 42-inch Philips LCD from costco. A beautiful, true HDTV – 1080p screen (not that 1080i crap), and it can be a 1920×1080 monitor for my macbook pro. It was fairly inexpensive for the features i got – hopefully there won’t be any problems. So far it works great as an external monitor. To go with it, I had to buy a true 1080P DVD player (Pioneer DV-400V-K) and hooked it up with HDMI cable (most expensive cables ever). Oooooo.. Ok, ’nuff of da geek.

On a side note, we also enjoyed the Treasure Island music festival over the weekend. Shayna and i went both days, as did Juan, and we ran into lots of other friends as well. The venue was awesome – grass field along water, 2 stages, food, beers, ferris wheel (didn’t go, line too long), some bman style art, and 2 stages for the bands. Saturday was the electronic day, ghostland observatory and flosstradamus were both crews i never heard of but loved, MIA was a bit disappointing, Gotan project was great as well. Sunday Modest Mouse was the best (Isaac is a great performer), but i also was pleased with M. Ward and Built to spill. Clap hands say yeah and Spoon were good as well. I hope they do more concerts there.