Lake Chelan

October 14th, 2005

I love San Francisco, i really do, especially the haight where I live. But i do miss these things called “seasons” that the rest of the country gets to enjoy. A couple weeks ago i finally made it up to visit my friend suzi in seattle, washington, where autumn is just beginning. We both wanted to go hiking/camping, and planned a trip to centail washington – Lake Chelan. It was awesome. Washington - hwy 2 It’s about 3-4 hours east of seattle on the dry, other half of washington state. Due to fear of rain, we stayed at a hotel in the town on the southern tip of Lake Chelan. The lake is 55 miles long, and about 2 miles wide – and to get to the northern tip you must take a ferry – no roads. We missed the ferry, and hiked a nice 7-8 mile roundtrip to Pot Peak (google maps). That was perfect. We also did some wine tasting (pretty good wine, and really friendly wine pourers) and had a nice dinner. On the drive back we stopped in this town called leavenworth, WA, which was made to look entirely like a bavarian village. You totally felt like you were in germany – even the starbucks had their sign in a special bavarian font. We only stayed a couple hours and then headed back to seattle, but right when we left we past the most beautiful spot on the side of the road (Hwy 2). Now thats the seasons i’m talking about.

I did get to see a bit of seattle – suzi’s neighborhood, including the Fremont Troll. The troll is basically a carving under the fremont bridge – check out the link for a dope picture. We drove around, she pointed out where dave mathews hangs out, saw her office, the seattle space needle, blah blah blah. But I especially love this lake by her house – green lake. She showed it to me in the evening right after it rained and we got to see the most amazingly beautiful rainbow. In fact, it sprung right out of my head. My mom always told me i was worth more than a pot of gold.

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