The new cell phone – LG VX8100

October 4th, 2005

Right before i went to morocco i lost my cell phone, which sux. I quickly scoped out the current offerings, almost went with Motorola RAZR v3, but decided on the VX-8100 from LG. I’m not a big fan of verizon (not as good as ATT/Cingular at yahoo campus), but verizon’s the only one selling it. The 2 main reasons i went with the 8100 were because i previously had the VX6000 from LG, and it ruled (robust – dropped it hundreds of times, and could hack it with custom ringtones, etc using bitpim) and the among the new features of the 8100 was a mp3 player, which gave it lots of potential. At the time i bought it, the mp3 player was disabled, but the hackers were organized around this phone and it wouldn’t be disabled for long. Recently verizon released version 4 of their firmware which enabled the mp3 player. I also ordered a bunch of accessories online, and now i am good to go. Feel free to see my details on the VX8100

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