Halloween Wolf

October 28th, 2005

Halloween is prolly my favorite holiday – everybody dresses up, decorates their house, and eats candy. San Francisco loves halloween almost as much as burningman – if you’ve ever been to the castro for halloween you’d know what i mean – its like mardi gras in New Orleans but EVERYBODY is dressed up. Normally i don’t do much decorating, and i think i’ve only carved like 5 pumpkins in my life, but this year i made my best jack-o-latern ever. My friend steph had people over for dinner and pumpkin carving a week ago, and she bought these carving kits. At first i was like .. lame (i don’t need any help with MY carving! heh) .. but then i flipped thru the book that came with it and saw really cool designs, so i decided to make the wolf. It took me almost 2 hours, but i was going slow and chillin’ with my friends, but it was definitely worth it. You impressed? As a side note, the pumpkin only lasted about 4 days before the mold started going crazy. At least we got pictures. Thanks Steph!!