November 8th, 2007

Yeah, i said it. I lost my California Drivers License, so i goto DMV to get a new one, and they said .. “Sorry, can’t give it to you, NC is blocking it on PDPS. You need to call the North Carolina DMV”. “Wha? What is PDPS ??” “Nationwide computer system, no details available, but you need to clear it up with them”. “wha?”. So I called NC DMV and after 20mins on hold and being shuffled around i learned they wanted $50 for a 1994 speeding violation. Wha? 13 years ago? doesn’t that stuff expire? And besides, i remember that – i paid it all – it was settled. But the NC DMV woman on the phone is a robot, and either I play ball or I don’t get my PDPS cleared. So i sent them a check. Stupid Problem Driver Pointer System. Now i have to wait for NC to process that before i can go back to CA DMV.