Halloween Done

November 2nd, 2007

Another awesome Halloween in San Francisco. Sigh. Brasstax Renegade Sunday was one of the best, as were the parties the night before. I really love this town – so many people dress up. And not just simple costumes – people are clever and creative. Stuff like “vampire gopher”, miss teen south carolina, 80 year old grandma, blades of glory, john nash, speed racer 5, or good ol’ alice and wonderland.

Halloween night fell on a wednesday this year, and I cannot believe how many kids were roaming Fair Oaks. The secret kid hideout – between like 21st and 26th, half block from dolores, there were 6,289 kids. Well, something like that. Our friends Paul and Rosemary had about 20 peeps over to pass out candy – their 4th year doin’ it. Super fun – especially the candy storm – thats when we threw tons of candy out onto the sidewalk and the kids come running.

After that we went to Amnesia for vaudville show put on by Stars & Garters. We’re talking live music, comed acts, song and dance, garters and corsets, booty and titties, blood and guts (it is halloween). The place was a bit too crowded,
otherwise well done. Check it out.

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