Halloween and Racer 5

October 31st, 2007

Who doesn’t love halloween? Every year i have fun, but there’s always that “What the hell do i wear this year” dilemma. Well, this year i went back to my roots – beer and music. I seriously considered being a giant speaker – but its a bit too impractical for an active guy like myself. So that left me to stare at my favorite beer – Racer 5. While looking for a giant beer bottle costume, i noticed a speed racer outfit, and thought “Speed Racer 5” would be a good double costume. A couple days later, it was made (yes, i made the whole thing with some guidance from alice)

In searching for pictures of what speed racer and racer 5 looks like, i came across this awesome site called beeroftheday.com. It’s a really nice site – clean, tight, “less is more” philosophy .. great for when you’re drinkin’ beers.

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