Evil Car Thieves

January 10th, 2007

Costa Rica was awesome, but coming back to SF and having your car broken into a 3rd time was not awesome (you thought it might be, but really, it’s not. Really). I had it broken into twice in 2005, and then a year and a half before this one. Sigh. You can read the details in the Police Report. The sad part is, dealing with insurance companies is the worst part of it. So i’m not. Well, i may change my mind, but i tried to get my broken window fixed via insurance (i have AAA), and after tons of transfers they couldn’t fix it for a week. Eventually i found somebody who could fix it quickly – the folks at 89glass. Hurray for them.LG VX8300

The silver lining in this is .. i get to upgrade my phone and car stereo. Those were the two main things that were stolen, besides shayna’s art, which is not replaceable, so that sux the most. But it was nice to get a new phone. I looked at cnet and other sites, and narrowed my choices down to 3: Blackberry Pearl (nicest one, wanted but didn’t need data plan for extra $30/month), Sony_Ericsson_W810i (best multimedia phone, but not on verizon), and the one i got – LG VX8300. I had the LG VX8100 before, and found it extremely robust. Also, I found out that if i left verizon or stayed on verizon, i’m still giving them money for 6 more months, so i decided to stick with them and the LG (only one of my three that verizon offered). Tip – if you loose your cell phone, just buy another one off of ebay and take it in to get activated (good guys activated it for $10).

The other silver lining was upgrading my car stereo. I like this stuff, so i enjoyed shopping around, looking online at crutchfield and bestbuy, going local to Peter’s Auto Radio and Auto Symphony, ending up with the Pioneer DEH-780MP. It works well with my Sirius satellite, it has great sound with subwoofer controls, and i got the Ipod adapter so i have direct connection to my ipod – better sound quality, pick ipod playlists/songs/etc from the stereo, plus recharge mr. ipod at the same time. I also bought the bullet and got a Viper Car Alarm. Next time those kids wanna break my window for my stereo they’ll have to do it while going deaf.