My blog has moved

January 7th, 2007

UPDATE:  I moved blog again, from free to my own server,, on 10/30/2007.  More.

Well, i did it. I’ve started migrating stuff off of, my personal server at home. The only affect this has to my blog is that the URLs have changed .. instead of, the link will be But since nobody directly links to my blog anyway, this will probably not matter.

I figure my blog would be one thing easy to move, and the great folks at wordpress made it easy. I considered and another free wordpress hosting site,, but went with because of the import/export feature. See more on vs. Knowing has an import feature, i first had to export my current blog and did so with wordpress export by Aaron Brazell. This was a easy script, but there was a couple things – You might want to abort unless you’re interested in techie stuff.

I installed the export plugin script, wp-xmlmigrate.php (nov 15 2006 version), but it gave me a MYSQL error with categories. I ended up having to edit the export_cat_list() function’s SELECT line – i removed “category_count” and it exported my blog to xml successfully.

On, my first import resulted in nothing. But then i decided to create all the categories/tags used in the xml blog file manually, then try import again. Success. Not sure if this is a result of my hack to export_cat_list().

That’s it. Now i’m off to play with themes and stuff.