There are tools for the MAC that make my life easier on the internets

  • Skype – free – video conference with co-workers/clients
  • Adium – free – chat using yahoo, AIM, MSN, or google accounts
  • VLC – free – best full screen video player, also use for audio instead of iTunes
  • Audacity – free – audio editor – splice/chop mp3/wav/ogg, make ringtones, etc
  • Cyberduck – free – best ftp client, does sftp, scp, amazon s3, etc
  • Transmission – free – my fav bit torrent client, find tv shows on
  • Handbrake – free – rip DVDs

The following is for software developers only – my essentials list

  • JSON parser – cut’n’paste giant json string (or URL) and it makes it purty.
  • nmap – check your local network (sudo nmap -sS -sV -O or your friends server ()
  • Carbon Copy – free, backup or clone harddrive. Essential when upgrading drives.
  • Firebug – debug html/css/javascript (firefox plugin), firebug lite for IE, safari, etc
  • wireshark – look at your network traffic – great for debugging (X11 on MAC)
  • MAMP – setup local apache/mysql/php in 2 seconds .. or if u want more stuff,chadnorwood.com3A//”>XAMPP.
  • Eclipse – IDE for PHP/Java/etc – I installed PDT + eclipse (php dev tools) and subclipse (subversion support) plus a separate eclipse instance for java ee.
  • Bug/Issues/Feature Tracking systems – Bugzilla, Trac, and JIRA.
  • VirtualBox, VMWare – test/debug IE on mac (details)
  • Project Management – Basecamp (create tasks, todo lists, milestones, track hours worked), Agile (set task estimates, priorities, etc)
  • Diagramming/charting/visualizing¬† – OmniGraffle (like visio but for mac)
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