GCM prototype 2

September 12th, 2010

Just a quick update to announce that I updated GCM, my Google Calendar Map project.  New things

  1. New GCM Homepage
  2. Old GCM prototype moved to gcm2009
  3. New features of GCM prototype (yes, still prototype)
    • New Date sliders
    • New “Warning” link to quickly fix problematic addresses
    • Reskinned to keep content a bit more tight (still needs work)

Please post any comments about GCM on the GCM Homepage.  Thanks!!

  1. Diego
    January 31st, 2011 at 08:35 | #1

    Hey! first of all, AMAZING app, simple and useful. I’m using it to plan my trip to Europe, and I’d love to have just one more feature (I don’t know if I can help with the coding or not, I’m kind of stained now): just a line between events in the map, showing the links between one task and the following one. Is that possible?

    Right now, it’s only that, later extra features would help (like route snapping, or time sliding or coloring by time or whatever).

    Thnks again!

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