2008 Year of Change

December 31st, 2008

Love from the Midwest

This was a big year for me, the biggest thing being moving to Chicago.  I’ve said why I moved before, and even though its been 4 months since the move, its still too early to know how big this move is.  I do know that I miss San Francisco alot, mainly my friends.  So far I love Chicago and my new friends, but Shayna and I have had some ups and downs and I still don’t have a job.  I did take the GMAT, which is to MBA schools as SAT is to undergraduate college.  Studying for GMAT was a challenge, and I’m proud to have done well on the exam – gives me hope and reassurance to pursue my career change to business, MBA or not.  Even though I don’t have a job, 2008 is the year I decided I wanted a career change, a very big decision in my life. I’m still fine tuning exactly what I want, but I have been interviewing alot this December, trying to nail it down.  Another big personal event this year was running my first marathon.  I’m glad I did it, but I’m definitely not a marathon runner.  The race destroyed my knees, it took a couple months before I could run an hour without them hurting.  I still run (as well as goto the gym), mainly so I can stretch and stay healthy so my back problems won’t return. Nearly everyday I must remind myself to keep my back in check – I love being in my 30s.


This was also a big year for friends and family.  Otto Schutt, diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2007, passed away May 28.  It was heart breaking, but the man was well loved in SF, inspired many with his generosity and his mantra the last year, Give Thanks.  He brought people together and improved the world he left behind.  I give thanks for Otto.   With Otto’s passing I think of all the new lives that were created this year, too.  Fred and Megan had baby Bradley, my sister Leslie had baby Jane, Steve and Monnia had Estaban, the Kobergs had twins, Sue and Ross had Malia Fujii.  And there were many committing their love to one another – Rachel and Brandon’s wedding, Ben and J9 wedding, Mike and Ranu wedding, Jason and Anna Wedding, and AJ and Joann are getting married today!  And almost as important are the engagements – Eumi and Michael got engaged,  Amy and Matt got engaged, Sarah and Leo got engaged.  One of my best friends, Juan, had a big year with his first real serious boy, Jason.  It wasn’t all sunshine for relationships – Jason broke up with Monica – my favorite couple ever.  Luckily they have many friends to help them move forward.

Chad shows his Love for Obama

And there are plenty of other events that happened this year – Erin Becker Graduated, Rosemary Graduated, Fritz and Sydney moved to Buenos Aires for 3 months (helping cement their relationship), Chips’ 40th Scavenger Hunt, Guille’s Brian’s 40th, My sister Lara bought a new home in Georgia, Tahoe with France and Snowcamp, Many hiking and camping trips (kings canyon, sykes, pascal’s bday),a week in Jamaica with midsummer crew (new friends for chad), road trip with shayna from California thru Yosemite to Chicago,  LA road trip with Juan and Shayna, Movies in Dolores Park, many beers at Zeitgeist and City Beer Store, Dressing up for Bay to Breakers, How Weird, BurningMan fundraisers, Halloween, Brasstax renegades on the pier, in GG Park, and by Candlestick Park, Tons of great music – Outside Lands (Radiohead, Black Keys, Cafe Tacuba), MSTRKRFT at Mighty, LA Riots at Rickshaw, MGMT and Beck at Aragon, Edit from Glitch Mob at Empty Bottle, Monotonix at the Hideout Block Party, Chicago bike rides with the BLVD Rollers, Chicago beach chilling, and many more events I’m sure I’m forgetting.  As always, a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out 2008 pictures.

And last, but not least, Obama.  Change for America.  That gives me hope, which we need especially with the financial downturn that happened this year.  Go Team.