Fall Leaves

December 7th, 2008

Fall has left, winter has arrived.  In California, seasons are interchangeable, but in Chicago mother nature announced the end of fall last week with our first snow.  I must say I am very excited for winter and seasons in general.  For me, snow means fun snowboarding, white Christmas, and snowball fights. But before I get too excited about snow, let me recap the fall.

I enjoyed my fall overall, spending time with old and new friends, going on a few trips, and studying hard (gmat).  It wasn’t perfect – Shayna and I had some bumps in the road (moving and adjusting to new life can be stressful), but I feel that I’ve grown and learned something from it.  Our new friends have made adjusting in Chicago not only easier, but great fun. We’ve had dinner parties, dance parties, bike rides, bowling sessions, museum visits, and restaurant adventures (yelp reviews).  We also left town a few times, which is always good for the soul.

Riverwood Boys

I’m not sure if its technically the fall, but Labor Day weekend was spent in Atlanta this year, the first time in almost a decade I did not go to burningman.  One of my high school friends, Jason Lichenstein, got married.  It was great to see several of my old high school friends, some I haven’t seen in like 10 years.  However, with everyone using facebook these days, I could find out what people are doing.  Still, it was nice to talk with each of them – Louis Merlin, Kieth Mannes, Bradley Grout, and Jason, of course.

Halloween was just what the doctor ordered this year – time with friends in our old stomping ground.  The weather was not entirely in our favor, it rained on/off all weekend in SF, but we drowned our sorrows away with beverages and parties galore.  I especially love tim and rick and zetta for hosting us and being good friends.  And fritz for opening his old and new place for hanging out, and brasstax for doing what they do best – halloween renegade.  For the complete story, view halloween pics.


Thanksgiving was a chance to spend some time with Shayna and her family in Washington DC, where she grew up.  Her mom made a wonderful dinner for 14 or so people (big ups to Rosalie) with the rest of the immediate family joining in for turkey carving.  I had some 50 year old Chivas Regal then chatted with Shayna’s relatives and friends of the family, all very nice and interesting folks.  Friday we toured some museums and our national monuments.  Walking around the mall. especially from national monument to the Lincoln memorial, I felt very proud to be an American, especially after this year’s election.  It sealed the deal for the inauguration trip – we are planning on driving from Chicago to DC to be part of the 4 million people in DC welcoming our 44th president, Barack Obama.

Snow Covering my Jetta

And the best for last – I became an uncle again on November 7 with the birth of Miss Jane Audrey Aiken. I’m very excited for Leslie, Michael, Katheryn, and Jane, and can’t wait to see them over Christmas. Yes, I will be going to Atlanta for Christmas, leaving the white snowy land of Chicago for cold but most likely a snowfree land in the south.

I bid you adieu, fall, and warm welcome to winter. “Wait till February” everybody says, when you’ll be begging for spring. Till then, I’m gonna enjoy snow.

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