Power Consumption

March 6th, 2008

How much electricity do you use? I mean, how much do all your various gadgets and appliances use? I recently came across this blog on kill-a-watt, where he measures how much power various devices use, like his HDTV, lamp, blow dryer, etc.  Since I’m into saving the planet and I like to geek out – I figured I should investigate.  I now have 3 (buy a new kill-a-watt), I i figure i should do the same.

First off, let’s ballpark how much power we use. PG&E (electric company for SF) shows how much power (Kilowatt/hours) is used per day, on average, with every monthly bill. Our “Kwh per day” in september was 7.5, in December it was 18.9 (bad electric heating). And it comes out to about 12 cents per Kwh, so thats about $1 to $3 per day in electricity. As a side note, half of that money goes to getting the power to your house (transmission and distribution) – makes locally installed solar panels seem quite attractive. To the numbers …
Now here’s some standard stuff, in kwh used, averaged over (x) number of hours.

Here’s some Geek stuff