February 20th, 2008

I love YouTube, but i wish they supported higher quality – 320×240 just ain’t enuf. Enter vimeo – 640×480 and .. 1280×720 – thats right, full 720p HDTV !!! Here’s a video recorded at 720×480 (480p) and uploaded to youtube (right below), then vimeo (below youtube).

The Old Ones from Chad Norwood on Vimeo.

Or if you want full HD, check out this HD Video – The Art Of Beat Making – make sure you watch it fullscreen size to fully appreciate it.

For the techie, the only constraint is you get 500MB a week – no 10 minute limit. And they give you instructions on how to encode it depending if you want 1280×720 (HD Help) or regular tv quality around 640×480 (imovie help).

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