New Lease

August 15th, 2007

Literally. Shayna and I signed a lease today for our new apt in the mission – 116 San Jose (yelp). We move in Sept 11 (yeah, weird). We’re extremely excited. Well, Shayna might be a bit more excited and relieved than me, she’s been wanting this for months. I was still traveling around the world 2 weeks ago. I do like change, and shayna and i have been doing so well that this only makes sense. Sad to leave the 126 and my manservant sir fritzalot, but he’ll survive without me.

Figuratively, its also kinda a new lease on life. Moving will force me to look at all my crap, go thru my past, and without a job, i’ll have time to sit down, reminisce, and then decide what the hell i should do going forward. I’m looking fwd to that. Between now and then, i got burningman to prepare for and Round The World pictures to process .. as soon as my laptop gets to me (shipped back to me today!).