June 20th, 2007

Ok, since when did ya have to have a VISA to get into India? oh yeah, since .. ALWAYS. I even knew that – i was there in 2004. I went to actually board my flight at the airport and they were like .. wheres your visa info? and i was like .. uhhh… huh-huh .. uhhh… i don’t have one. sigh. I am like a special kind of retarded .. chadtarded.

Well, it took me all day but now i got visa and flights all sorted – exhausting but i feel much better now. Traveling can make you tired – sometimes you push yourself too hard and then you enter the retarded phase. Good part is I can rest now – the bad part is that i only have 3 weeks in India. Thats barely enough to explore the Himalayas – perhaps the taj mahal will wait till my next india trip. Oh, and another week in Thailand. Do i try to go to the beach? or spend it in bangkok relaxing and working on photography and my resume? This last week actually wore me out. Today i rest. We’ll see tomorrow

Oh, and of course i updated my itinerary again.