February 20th, 2007

“Good on ya, mate!” That means “Nice one, brutha!” Well, i’m here in the land down under. Where the women roar and the men thunder. I arrived in Sydney a couple days ago, and we’re for Brisbane today. Sydney is a really beautiful city – clean, lots of parks and trees, water from the harbor goes most everywhere. It feels more like a european city than most anything – they say you have to get out to feel the real australia.

I arrived and met the boys by our hotel – my friends Juan, Damian, and Ramon, all from California. The first day was mardi gras thing in the park – Juan and I and several thousand others had fun dancing to DJs, drinking beers, kickin’ it on the grass, and enjoying the warm sun. Damian and Ramon had their luggage temporarily relocated by the airline – so they had no clothes. Damn Qantas. The next day we walked around the city, hitting the botanical gardens, sydney opera house, downtown, and taking a ferry to the Zoo to see our Koala bears, wallabees, and kagaroos. Yesterday we did more walking, checked out the view from the sky tower (like seattle’s space needle), and hit Bondi beach – a really gorgeous beach.

Today we leave Sydney and head to Brisbane, where we’ll meet up with Sarah and Stephanie, our California girls. But we quickly hop on the bus and goto Frasier Island. After that, we fly to Melbourne for a few days, then Hobart to see the real Tasmanian Devil, then back to sydney for a few more days. I’ll stay in the land down under for another week while most everyone else leaves. I was thinking of doing Uluru (ayer’s rock), but that it is expensive to get there. We’ll see.

Cheebra! (short for “cheers, brother”)