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January 30th, 2007

I almost forgot i have a 2004 blog of my India trip (now on It contains many long entries and fun picturs, but most importantly a list of vaccinations i got in 2004. Hurray. I checked with the CDC for the latest, and there were no vaccinations required, but several recommended for Australia/NZ, Southeast Asia, India, and Europe. The CDC’s yellow book is useful, and here’s a nice tip from it – dengue and mosquitos are one of the biggest problems, and applying insect repellent with Permethrin or DEET to skin and clothes is good advice, especially after dawn and before dusk, and around still water where rain might collect.

I went back to Overseas Medical Clinic in San Francisco (415-982-8380 49 Drumm St., 1-4p walk-ins). I love that place – they are so the opposite of every other doctor office – they specialize in shots, so are very knowledgable about what you need. I got a Hep A shot ($100), which lasts 12 months, and if i take another in 12 months, that will last 10 years. Here’s my previous shots from 2004 that are still valid – Oral Typhoid (5 yrs), Diptheria-Tetanus (10 yrs), Polio (10 yrs). She also gave me a prescription for Malarone, an anti-malaria pill. She suggested buying them in Bangkok ‘cuz they are way cheaper than here. Malarone is a daily pill, but there’s also a weekly pill called Lariam but that one drives people a little crazy.

I’m ready. Bring it on, ASIA.

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