November 20th, 2006

I’m just gonna do a quick summary of the month long trip shayna and i took across the country. We saw many beatiful natural and man-made sights, had some tastee meals, experience different cultures, talked, laughed, fought, and slept in the jetta, and thoroughly enjoyed our country. Some of my favorite sights include National Monument in Arizona, Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota, Millenium Park in Chicago, the City Museum in St. Louis, and the Cadillac Ranch in Texas. Some of my favorite moments include the touristy animals and mini-town by Zion, seeing Lyrics Born and Cut Chemist in Boulder, having a beer with Shayna in Durango, crawling through the caves in the City Museum, and singing at the top of my lungs in the car (with Shayna, of course).

If you got the time, you can read my entire journal in four parts – starting with blog part 1. You can also check out the pictures in four sets, each one naturally matching the blog, starting with flickr part 1. Or you can just check out the Best of pictures. Oh, and here’s the actual itinerary – very similar to the Itinerary plan

10/23 Mon – Left SF, Thru Yosemite to Lone Pine, CA
10/24 Tue – Death Valley, slept north of vegas on NV/AZ border
10/25 Wed – Arrive Zion , camped in the park
10/26 Thu – More Zion, then hotel in kenyata, AZ
10/27 Fri – Monument Valley, slept at Durango CO
10/28 Sat – Mesa Verde, CO, slept at Buena Vista, CO
10/29 Sun – Rockies and Boulder, CO
10/30 Mon – Drive to Moorcroft, WY
10/31 Tue – Devils Tower, Deadwood, Crazy Horse Memorial, SD
11/01 Wed – Mt. Rushmore, Badlands, slept at Carrie’s, Minneapolis, MN
11/02 Thu – Chillin’ with friends in Minneapolis
11/03 Fri – Walker museum, Minneapolis
11/04 Sat – Drive to Chicago, veggiediner
11/05 Sun – Art Institute of Chicago, Sears Tower, Deep Dish pizza
11/06 Mon – Millenium Park, Shayna does Columbia College, slept in Iowa City
11/07 Tue – Shayna tours University of Iowa in Iowa City, slept in st. louis
11/08 Wed – Budweiser Tour, St. Louis Arch, dinner in the loop
11/09 Thu – Breakfast at Tiffany’s, City Museum in St.Louis
11/10 Fri – Chad fly from St. Louis to Vegas, Shayna drive to DC
11/11 Sat – Shayna in DC
11/12 Sun – Chad flew from vegas to DC, arrived 6AM Monday
11/13 Mon – lunch in DC, drive to Jillian’s, Athens GA
11/14 Tue – Lunch with family in Atlanta, slept in Memphis
11/16 Wed – Graceland in Memphis, drive to Oklahoma
11/17 Thu – Oklahoma City Memorial, drive to Alburqueque
11/18 Fri – Acoma Indian Reservation, drive to Kingman AZ
11/19 Sat – Arrive SF

We really could not have had a better trip – the only thing was i wished we had more time – i would love to do a trip with no end in sight. We had tons of fun taking in the sights, learning about various states and cities, but we did go fast and sometimes it was hard to digest. It was definitely hard to upload pics and update my blog as i went, even tho over half the hotels we stayed in had free wifi. Of course, it never sux when your only complaint is having too much fun.

Now i’m off to Costa Rica for a little over 3 weeks, 2 weeks on my own and then Rick and Zetta’s wedding. See ya later !!!