Road Trip USA

October 11th, 2006

Wassup, kids. Shayna and i got a rough plan together, and here it be. If you know any cool peeps in these cities, hook me up.

10/23 Mon – Leave SF, Arrive in Upper Yosemite (230 miles, 6hrs)
10/24 Tue – Death Valley, vegas? (35oish miles, 7hrs)
10/25 Wed – Arrive Zion (200ish miles, 4hr)
10/27 Fri – Arrive Denver (6ooish miles, 9hrs)
10/29 Sun – Arrive Mt. Rushmore (4ooish miles, 8hrs)
10/31 Tue – Arrive in Minneapolis (6ooish miles, 8hrs)
11/03 Fri – Arrive in Chicago (4ooish miles, 7hrs)
11/06 Mon – Shayna tours Columbia College of Art, then to Iowa City (220 miles, 4hrs)
11/07 Tue – Shayna tours University of Iowa (paper, book) in Iowa City
11/08 Wed – Arrive in St. Louis (320 miles, 5hrs)
11/10 Fri – Chad fly from St. Louis to Vegas, Shayna drive to DC
11/11 Sat – Shayna in DC
11/12 Sun – Chad fly to DC, arrives 6AM Monday, tour DC
11/13 Mon – Arrive Athens (jillian? 600miles, 10hrs), atlanta (chads family?)
11/14 Tue – Arrive Atlanta (70 miles, 1.5hrs), Nashville (greg, kiki? 250miles, 4 hrs)
11/16 Wed – Arrive Tulsa Oklahoma (thurs AM doctor) (613 miles, 10 hrs)
11/17 Thu – Arrive Santa fe, New Mexico (650miles, 10hrs)
11/18 Fri – Arrive Grand Canyon (480 miles, 8 hrs)
11/19 Sat – Arrive SF (800 miles, 13 hrs)

Read how it went in part 1. Also check out the actual itinerary.

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