July 25th, 2006

Priceless is the name of the campout thrown by false profit and downLow crews. It was an amazing 3 day event in Belden, 2 hours north of Sacremento, filled with tastee bass, hot sunny afternoons, cool rivers, and soft sandy beaches.

Did i mention the bass? Ernie told me it had more bass than the boombox did at bman in 2003. Damn. And the DJs were kick-ass – Ernie on friday night and several others saturday night, including the live combo of Ooah and Troubled Youth. As expected, they all served up heavy bass, breaks, organic beats, and a dash of hip-hop. My booty is shakin’ right now just thinking of it.

Besides the music, my favorite thing was the beach and river. Belden is basically a general store/bar, plus a few cabins and tent sites, situated along the feather river. The sandy beach is about 30×50 feet, mostly in the shade, on a hill adjacent to the river. The river is about 30-40 yards wide, 7.5 feet deep at deepest point, but fairly strong current in the middle. Next to the beach it is shallow and no current, great for the kidz or lazy chad. People would just be kicking on their rafts and tubes, starting an occasional water fight, are swimming across to the other side where you could jump off some rocks. I also enjoyed the gentle rapids downstream – fun to get a bunch of people on floaties hooked together and then get tossed about. The other thing that amazed me was how pure and silky the water was. It was beautiful just being in it.

Oh, and the people. Can’t forget those that put this together – the 2 crews, false profit and down low. Don’t want to get into names, since i don’t know everyone, but they all did an amazing job. Especially the firedancers sat night – Flame Gypsy and Sexy Bitch from LSD Fuego. And the rest of the campers were great – friendly, sharing, and some of the best dancers i’ve ever seen. I hope they do it again – belden or wherever. I look forward to checking them out at burningman.

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