My Travel Plans

June 12th, 2006

As mentioned before, i quit my job at yahoo and plan to do some traveling. This blog entry is meant to be an overview of my travels, and i’ll update it as my plans change.

Dates — Locations
5/24 – 6/1 — NYC, Philadelphia, Atlanta
6/13 – 6/21 — New Orleans
6/30 – 7/6* — Buenos Aires- POSTPONED
7/11 – 7/18 — North Carolina

10/24 – Tahoe, California (Dusty/Laura wedding)
12/4 – Costa Rica (Rick Zetta Wedding)

* Date not definite

Buenos Aires was postponed because my cheap delta ticket lets me fly standby on any flight, but due to july 4th weekend traveling, all flights
are overbooked.

Bali, Thailand are postponed till i spend some time fixing my back in SF. More deets on My Back.