Seville Lake MBT 2004

August 16th, 2004

The following was written in August 2004, copied here for reference. View Our Pics.

Manly Backpacking Trip (MBT) 2004


Seville Lake


Beautiful hike in sierra-nevada mountains to a big-ass lake which is higher than any ski run in tahoe.

  • Hike – Short (6 miles one-way) hike from trailhead to Seville Lake, or go another 2 miles to Lost Lake. Starting at sunset meadow trailhead, follow Belle Canyon trail up steep hill first 2 miles to Rowell Meadow campsite, then 4 miles (mostly flat) to Seville Lake.  Optionally, hike another 3-4 miles, 1300 vertical feet, from Seville Lake to Silliman Pass (elevation 10479 feet). The trail goes back down after the pass to twin lakes, which can loop aroud over JO Pass (9410 ft) back down to sunset meadow trailhead. Mount Silliman is 11188 feet.
  • Elevation – 7800′ (trailhead) – 9200′ (Seville Lake, approximate)
  • Camping – No official campsite, just camp wherever with a permit from Grant Grove Visitor Center (559-565-4307)
  • Campfires – may be allowed, won’t know for sure till right before trip
  • Fishing – Golden, Rainbow and Brown Trout in Seville and Lost Lake. You need a State License to Fish. Fees, Where to buy
  • Other – Bear Aware – Need bear canisters for food, the are 3 canisters at the lake.
  • Area Attractions- After hike, we drive on general’s highway south back into sequoia park to check out … General Sherman Tree– 103 feet circumference, 275-foot-tall, world’s largest living thing
  • Directions – From SF go towards Fresno, go 180 east all the way to Grant Grove Visitor Center.  Looking at this road + trail map, Follow red lines (paved roads) from Grant Grove Visitor Center (upper left of map) east towards Big Meadows.  Trail (black dash lines) starts a bit further, crosses from national forest over green line into Kings Canyon National Park towards seville lake.
  • Alternatives
  • More info – Hiking Checklist, Day Hikes, Verbose description of Aug 1995 Lost Lake hike, Pictures –,, Maps: Maps:

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