Classes and Wages

August 14th, 2004

I find it difficult to exist in a society where all people are not equal. Specifically, india still has a huge disparity in the working class. I earn approximately 3 times what a software engineer might earn in bangalore, and a software engineer in bangalore earns about 50 times more than somebody like the driver who took me to mysore. 50 times. And that guy, the driver, has 2 daughters that he sends to private school – which means to me that his wages may be small, but still somewhat acceptable.

I also find it hard to not consider them equal – those who serve you often will not want to engage in casual conversation besides hello and goodbye. Some of them will not want to make eye contact for more than a few seconds. Or maybe it's just the way i come across – loud american. 🙂 Actually, i don't think indians see many americans, more europeans. One dood never even heard of the US, but he knew canada – so i says to him “we're right next to canada”. It's kind of refreshing to be unknown.

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