August 5th, 2004

These guys here in bangalore are definitely more social than we are in sunnyvale. It could be the fact that the office is new and there are a lot of younger yahoo's working, but i've read that india, in general, is more laid back than corporate america. First day everybody was very nice and friendly, we actually got some training done, went to a nice lunch down the street, and continued training in the afternoon. Except for a small brick wall i hit in the afternoon (gotta be jet lag), it was a great day. It's amazing how much more i learn from spending time with these guys versus just sending emails and having IM conferences over the last 2 months.

The Yahoo office is in a pretty happening area of Bangalore, near many other american tech companies. Evidently bangalore has some of the best weather in india (nice and cool but rainy), combined with some of the best internet infrastructure and cheap engineers, it becomes very attractive to corporate america. Once inside the yahoo building, it's pretty much just like every other office building – cubes, ac, water cooler, on-site kitchen … One thing that is pretty cool is this dude who walks around with a tray offering coffee or tea to people as they work. Very nice touch – but very inline with the service i experience in india.

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